2 training skill courses in AI&T, Inc and sounds of result

traingin_skill_coursesAll company members are interesting with such courses. They give us the general method to work with our colleague well.

 1) Course name: conflict resolution skills (Skills and methods to find the root causes of conflict and made resolution adequately).

– Duration: 01 day at 31/12/2010.
– Training Unit: Goodwill (http://www.goodwillasia.com/)
Number of participants: 23.
2) Course content: analytical skills and decision-making
– Duration: 02 days at 04 & 05/1/2011.
– Training Unit: SALT CONSULTANTS AND TRAINING (http://www.salt.edu.vn/)
Number of participants: 21.
Those courses are very useful because of providing a quite new knowledge to members. Those course will not only help individuals accumulate more skills for themselves but also give us the general method to work with our colleague well. (TrangPTD)
This is a very useful course, helps individuals understand each other better and limit or reduce the conflict during communication of working. Also, bring the best solution with a better quality at work… (TrungTK)
This open different outlook on how to resolve conflicts at work in the company. All members desire Mr. Le Anh Tuan (CEO), involving the courses and enjoy with us to bring the best for AI&T (AnhDV)
The course helps employees recognize and evaluate more objectively the issues surrounding the work of the company and the team (Hoang NT)
Members exchange idea with a constructive and union spirit (ThinhNT)
Companies should organize annual courses to develop soft skills for all employees so that everyone understands and open with each other (LuuTM)