3012 – Save the World

3012After a thousand years of chaos and disaster, the world in 3012 has become bleak and desolate. Become a hero and save the world in 3012.

 After one thousand years of disaster, a new world has been rebuilt with four clans “Fire”, “Water”, “Earth” and “Air”. Players will choose to become a member of one of these four clans, using their powers to fight monsters and other players while exploring the new world.

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3012 is aPVP/RPG Online game, allowing interaction and combat between many players from around the world. Just activate one of the players skills and swipe the screen to immerge yourself in rich real-time PVP combat.

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3012 attracts players with its impressive and unique combat interface, variety of monsters, arena PVP action and the ability to hone your swiping skills in fun mini games.

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3012 for iOS 4.2 and Android 4.0 or higher, supports two languages:

English and Vietnamese.

Download 3012 for free with the following link:

Or  scan the QR code below:

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