A wonderful land where you can discover and experience – Let’s join “VillageQuest” game

Hela_gameWanna have your own village, build houses, stores, launch your business and get profit?Wanna create a dungeon and customize it your way?
Wanna explore a world with countless exciting missions?

Let’s join “Villagequest” ‘s fantasy world! A wonderful land where you can discover and experience.

You’ll be a village head and can make you village as you like. You’ll have stores where adventurers will spend money on services you supply, you can earn profit and use it to develop the village and get material items to make weapons. You’ll also have your villagers. Build more houses for them, set them working in the stores to enlarge your village and gain more coins. However, sometimes, you’ll have to protect villagers from cruel monsters which can stop the operation of your village by touch on them.

DUNGEONS will help you attract more adventurers coming. When you extend a floor, feed a BOSS, set monster’s foods or treasures in dungeons, village’s” like” will increase and sometimes, the special HERO will come to your village.

Complete missions to get coins and EXP. With more than 100.000 users now, making friend becomes so easy. You can help each other build or kill monsters to get rewards.

Now, let’s join link: http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id466387476?l=en&mt=8 to download the free game and make a huge fantasy world with us!