AI&T held an end of the year party to celebrate “Beyond the End of the World”

thumbnailOn 22/12/2012, the  AI&T, JSC, held an end of the year party and Christmas celebration for all employees, with the funny theme, “Beyond the End of the World”, in the Kim Dong theater, 19 Hang Bai Street, Hanoi.

 At 10 am, everyone is focused in Projection Room Number 2 to see the cartoon, “Hotel Transylvania”, which is very funny, and creating a fun and pleasant atmosphere for everyone, especially the small children of the big family AI&T.

At 12 a.m, the end of the year party was officially started in the 7th floor lobby, which is luxuriously decorated. Mr Dang Vuong Anh spoke to the company an end of year summary status report , then all enjoyed a buffet and listened to lively songs from the group, “Soldier”, and other “company singers” items.
The party took place very elegantly, and was harmonious with the presence of the majority of employees, their families, and especially the presence of fun-loving members of the small children.
Here are a few pictures of the company activities. Please enjoy viewing them:

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