Android Development

Android DevelopmentAhead of the iPhone OS, Android platform has attained the fastest growing in the world.  Android also became the second popular mobile operating system instead of Symbian OS in the market.
AI&T has catched up with this lastest trend. We are developing applications on mobile phones based on leading mobile firms in Japan. Especially we invest the enhancement or customization successfully for most of company existing products on the Android platform.
AI&T Development team owns expertise technology in programming on the Android platform . The internal R&D works have made the different ways that influence our products. We create creativity in developing ideas for games/applications to satisfy general end-user’s demand for usability of .
We hope that the beginning result of the investment in development based on Android platform will deliver our best products and efficiency to most of users .

To know more about what we are doing & done, please download our applications (of course for FREE!)

1. Game Drawsomething (JP ver):

2. Game Thu Vuong:

3. App Quick Money Recorder:

4. App vCinema:

5. App TaxiNavi: