Business Philosophy

We have been trying to contribute the best products to all the people and make sure to satisfy all  general or specific interests of our customers to the fullest. The business aims at a friendly environment and a modern society.

We control the business with balance and stability. The AI&T comprehensive development will bring the trust, the stability and assure a long-term cooperation with our customers.

AI&T General Principle: “Win-win relationship”.

AI&T Business Concept: There are no bad employees, only business does not realize employee potential  and does not know the way to handle them right.

A new member will never get a good position in the company until they have gained some experience and you will never gain any experience until you have a job. The opposite question of a job and an experience will be encoded by AI&T training policy. AI&T members don’t just sit in front of a computer and programming. Instead we make you go through an ENTIRE REAL TIME PROJECT LIFE CYCLE. All the way through Requirement Analysis, System design, complete standards based coding of the project.