Dramatic and compelling with antagonistic Marbles War Game

14Officially launched in early April, Marbles War Game brings new user experience by combining two puzzle and action game genres.
Marbles War Game will take you to a fierce are one of the top players. Beautiful graphics, simple to play but addictive, you will definitely spend a lot of time on your computer and mobile phone.


Users can drag, drop, or place the ball from the tray on the table, arranged in groups of 3members to combine together. After a period of time, you will get a  score. But it is important that this operation must be done quickly. Whoever is the fastest, that one is the most powerful.
Try invasion of the enemy to expand your lands, and arrange marbles easily to get a score!
If the opposition does not want to play online, you can choose single player offline mode. You can also change many different screens. Marbles War Game has many exciting game play options.
Wish you have moments of fun and relaxation with Marbles War Game!

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