Experience Puznarok Game on iPhone / iPod in Japan

puznarokBased on Nordic mythology, the Puznarok Game simulation, forces battle between Gods and Humans against the Giants in the Yggdrasill tree sprit world.

In the Puznarok Game, the player’s mission is to collect the most powerful card to beat the Giants and create his own army – through touch on the blocks to create the continuous combo while playing the mission.

When you reach the maximum power, the cards collected will be transferred to a new shape with more new and powerful skills.
Unlike the social-game that only allows players to interact with the data of other players, the Puznarok Game gives the player a new experience with real-time battle. The player will join the battle and directly feel their opponent’s actions.

This game is for iPhone (4 and above) / iPod (Touch Gen 5) and developed in Japan.
Download at the link below to experience victory with the Puznarok Game:

puz2 puz3 puz4