Game Animation with HTML 5 & CSS 3

game_animitionOn 15/12/2012, AI&T., JSC, participated in a “PHP Day 2012″ event as Silver sponsors, and was honored to contribute to the theme of the program. A presentation was provided by Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, with the subject, ” Game Animation with HTML 5 & CSS ​​3″.

 The presentation by Mr. Tuan referred to the following key issues:

  1. HTML 5, the future of web programming;
  2. A number of practical applications in the AI&T games;
  3. HTML 5 overview;
  4. Animation with CSS 3;
  5. Animation experience with HTML 5.

With the images and the lively movie game illustrations of the real game products from AI&T, the presentation from Mr. Tuan has created a lot of excitement and attracted the attention of many visitors.

Anh 1Anh 2

We invite you to refer to the presentation of Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan at the following link: