Drawsomething Game

itunes“Draw from your soul” is the Japanese version of the Draw Something game created for the Japanese users.

Every keyword  can be transformed into an interesting picture by the magical hand and the imaginative soul of each player.

                    screen568x568   capture_4

There are so many choices of colors and brushes for you to draw. Especially, the brushes include many Japanese patterns such as the onomatopoeia, the cute animals or the sparkling effect patterns, which will bring you a lot of fun while drawing in the game.

Playing this game is not only about drawing but also about confronting yourself with plenty of exciting challenges. You even have chance to participate in so many events to win the cash prizes. The biggest prize is 1000$ for the best picture selected by most other users. Please remark that the chance for winning is higher as the game is now supported on Facebook.

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Life is a journey, please jump head first!
Please download Draw Something game at the following link:

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