Google Glass

google_glassGoogle Glass, also known as Project Glass, a smart device of the future serves all the functions that a Smartphone can provide such as calling, watching video, tracking weather forecast, showing ways, etc. However the difference lies in voice control and forehead screen. Hands-free!

Being born in the wearable computer period, since based on different technique – Augmented Reality, which allows observing things around while interacting with the current real world, Glass seems to be very different from other mobile devices that we have seen so far. Hence, the app building in this wearable will be a brand new experience for developers. There are still, however, surprising combinations between mobile applications and this pair of glasses. Taking the following apps examples: Strava Cycling is used on-the-bike-ride, all the cooks Recipes for cooking or the well-known one – Word Len for a real-time interpretation. These apps will be published on Glassware market of Google – My Glass (available on iOS and Android), which gathers all the apps for Glass.


Google Glass headgear is a wearable computer

In Vietnam, AI&T Incorporation is a leading firm in the app development concerning Glass. Based on the practical using experience, AI&T developers suppose that Glass still reveals weaknesses such as low battery. The fact that using this pair of glasses continuously in 20 minutes will makes it hotter and hotter. Besides, they claim that Goole Glass is a little bit heavier than a normal pair of glasses which resulting in the uncomfortability to almost everyone, especially those who usually wear prescription eyeglasses (such as myopia, hyperopia). It also should be noticed that wearing Google Glass in a long time may cause eye disease and disorder (dry eyes, watery eyes, etc) because it is inflexible to lift up or move down. Along with the voice control, people can also use touchpad to slide the screen up and down, left or right, which seems to be rather difficult than swiping on the Smartphone screen.


Google Glass is a new project of AI&T Company

Another con lies in the limited quantity of the current applications on My Glass, majority of them are in relation to Google Services, for instance Google Maps, Google Now, Youtube, etc. It can also be seen that Glass has a language barrier with it,because up to now, it only provides voice control in English. However, since it has a limited number of orders, it’s pretty easy for Vietnamese to pronounce clearly and make them right.


Touchpad seems new but difficult than swiping on Smartphone screen

From all the market dynamics research so far, AI&T developers anticipate that Google will mass-produce a new version of the Glass to everyone in about one year after the current weakness improved. Taking advantage of the strength in developing apps on various platforms like Android, iOS, WindowsPhone… AI&T aims at entertaining products which exploits the most utility of Glass for examples news, movies, mini games, etc. On another side, the company also builds apps focusing on the sport and health categories. In this promising year of 2014, those applications will be published on Glass market.


Potential in using Google Glass with mobile apps