iXu – Earn points, get real cash, the simple best app for you!

We are pleased to introduce you to iXu, a distinguished point redemption app, which is very simple and easy to use yet can bring you real cash in no time. Every day, iXu may help you earn 10.000 VND card easily with just few steps: open the app-> download the games offered by ixu, and/or your friends to join.


Simple Redemption Process:

Firstly, the formula is very clear and simple:

One 10.000 VND card = 100 xu

When you downloads a game, you’ll get 20~40xu, and if you invite a friend to join the system successfully, you’ll earn more 20xu. A friend invited is equal to 20 xu. In conclusion, a user has chance to get redeemed quickly after 1-2 games downloaded and 1-2 friends invited.


Secondly, the redemption Process is unexpectedly simple and quick with just a button and a click. It means that when you collect enough xu, all you need is tapping on the redemption button and get your  redemption card right way.


iXu team is glad to receive the feedback from users so please voice your thought about the product so that we can keep improving the app to make it friendlier and more useful in the future.

At present, iXu has just been released on AppStore but we will soon have Android version released in the coming time.


Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/iXuVietnam

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