Live in movies world of vCinema

114x114Go ahead and download this neat little app onto your iphones or Android smartphone, and join in the exitement of the world of movies, update your friends, and family or your child and spouse, your boyfriends or girlfriend with information of the latest movies they love and waiting to see.

vCinema provides a nice, quick, sleek feature that keeps you updated with all information about the upcoming movies or the latest ones being showns on the screen cinemas in Vietnam.

With a miniature, yet well-transparent and user-friendly interfaces on your iPhones or Android, you can quickly, and easily check the latest or upcoming movies in the reach of your fingers.

vCinema not only helps movie-aholics get updates of the movie information but also with the promotion at each theater!

Click here to download this game for Android

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Click here to download this game for iPhone

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