MajiUma – The first game horse racing on iPhone/iPod in Japan

 22The beautiful secretary will take you to the Japan’s famous racecourse, the stature of the race from the region to the world cup, please come to enjoying the fun of MajiUma championship winner!

Original of British horse racing is considered “The Sport of Kings” has long been popular in hundreds of countries, in Japan is one of the universal and the most popular sports.

Inspired by the competition, and attractiveness dramatic of the horse in fact, we have created MajiUma, one of the most sophisticated racing game  in Japan market. Not only that Majiuma belong to the line card game, which is very hot in Japan.

Come to MajiUma you are not only raising horses and then to join in the race but also experience with extremely attractive of many other features.

First, let’s take the magical card from the traditional Japan‘s Gacha turning game to create a magic card collection for your own. You can try your luck in the rotation slot in each race to win attractive prizes.

In addition, the special interesting points of Majiuma such as the horses will be undermine retirement period, and to be bred with the horse of other user’s and you can own healthy children horses which ready to conquer racing road. More than that, battle or training together function to increase  link capacity and social  to the game.

and please download to enjoying the advantages of one of the most awaited game in 2012 Japanese game market !

There are many more exciting surprises are waiting for you,  just one click: