Nekosakana Fishing for iPhone/iPod

game_nekoIf you haven’t heard of the fishing for Nekosaka, then you have missed the fun and excitement of the summer.  But you always have time!
The Fishing Game, Nekosakana, deployed on iPhone/iPod provides fun, and cool animation that users can enjoy fishing without having to go to the Pacific ocean, or Nile river, Great Lake nor would you arm with any fishing rod and other heavy metallic gears.  Right here, on your iPhone/iPod, and with a network connection, Nekosakana will take you to many different beautiful water fronts, throwing in the fishing rod, railing in the bait, catching the fish, and yet rewarded points.  How cool is that!

 The game provides you with many great game features – many fishing sites you can go and explore, many interesting fish you can fish.  The more fish you catch, the more points you get.  Try to catch the special fish – because if you do, you will automatically unlock and open the next fishing door.  Remember!  You can easily own as many fishing gears as you want.  The shop is always open, so you can go and purchase any fishing items you would like. Better fishing items can improve your chance to catch that special fish that unlocks the next better fishing site!

Go ahead! Give it a try!  Fishing Nekosakana is really easy and fun.
The game is free.  Within the first 2 days of deployment, over 2000+ users have gone fishing for Nekosakana.  Just download the game, and you are on your way – Fishing Nekosakana.