Renault Calendar

10For a trip to go well, vehicle maintenance is very important. However, there are people who do not know their vehicle maintenance well. The extremely careful person sometimes can’t take their car exactly on time for inspection or clean, oil change, etc. This is a waste.

Recently, we launched a new application on smartphone, which helps owners take the initiative in their vehicles inspection and maintenance schedule – Renault Calendar. You just enter data of the first or last inspection date when opening the app, the professional maintenance will be automatically calculated, with fully informed and accurate data to find the time suitable to check. This is so easy and convenient!

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In addition, the application also supports setting an eye-catching display screen, and keeping beautiful pictures every day …automatically.

Specially, the application has a Push notification feature to help the customers always update attractive promotions and the newest events from Renault Motor.

Now, the application has been released for free on the AppStore and Android markets as a gift of gratitude for Renault to its honorable customers.