Security – IP Protect

We are committed to comply with international laws on intellectual property and safety information:
We are committed to fully compliance with international laws on intellectual property and the Agreement on Intellectual Property. For us, security and safety information is one of the most important factor in development strategy. We recognize the importance of intellectual property in maintaining a competitive advantage in the market. All AI&T’s employees committed on implementation of intellectual property rights and security, safety information of our customers and It is expressed in the contract and agreement of the relevant documents.
Training and implementation:
To ensure the proper enforcement of the intellectual property (IP) policy and safety information. We often have training courses on IP policy for the employees. The purpose of courses provided for staff knowledge of the intellectual property law, and obligations with respect to the use of copyrighted and licensed materials, safeguard information of customers and partners.All employees required to comply with the implementation. Supervising Board conducts management and monitoring to ensure the enforcement of privacy policies and security information. All employees must sign the minutes of security and safety information, as a  part that especially important in the employment contract.