SNS System

iconSocial networking services, also called Social Networking Sites (SNS), are designed to build upon interactions to create communities of people online, and provide the required software to do this. Web-based social networking spaces offer a way for individuals or groups to create a profile of themselves, then share that profile with other members of the social networking space. The specific site also provides a variety of ways for users to communicate with others in the space, such as instant messaging and chat rooms, e-mail or site mail (used only use through the service), notes and blogs, file sharing, forums or other types of discussion groups, videos, and so on.(source:

Being involved in the associate deployment for the provider the Conceptor Co., Ltd in Japan, we development in web based and extending powerful social networking features into mobile. Leveraging open social on mobile to create new business opportunities in content, marketing and advertising.

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– Social network for marketing and advertising in Japan that support both PC and mobile at address:

– Social network for education in Vietnam called Vietnam Online Library for E-Teachers, at address: