Social Game(PC & MO)

sociSocial games are on the its way to becoming the “next big thing” on the Internet as traditional gaming Web sites and platform users appear to be drifting away. This new trend is being boosted by the emergence of social-networking sites, which incorporates computer games with their Web site and allow users to play free games online with friends.

A few factors which make difference between social games and the others:

  • Turn-based

A social game is not social unless you are playing with another person. As such, social games enable users to take turns. Turn-based games are nothing new but in the current environment, turn-based takes on a new meaning. Keep in mind that turn-based is not a requirement, but just a frequent feature found in “social games”.

  • Casual gaming Awareness of others actions in games Multiplayer Based on Social Platforms

“Social games” is that they are based around social platforms. In the context of social gaming, social platforms provide users with an identity and also can provide the backbone for simple forms of communication (such as notifications, etc).

Our famous social game called Fishing. Fishing game is a virtual fishing where the object of the simulation game is fish and myfish (who fishing). Fishing game support three type of phones which are Docomo, AU, Softbank with the most advanced technology, users can play games and making conversations with friends. You can try play this game on PC at the following address:…