Spirior game

42Welcome to the magical kingdom of Spirior game. You will be transformed into a soldier called Soma, who has magical super powers can be summoned to protect the kingdom. Soma is a mysterious character, which have a lot of different offensive abilities.

You must collect valuable items to summon the special Soma, who has unparalleled powers and forming a strong team of 3 Soma to conquer each dangerous stage of the game. You can join forces with friends to battle with the boss of each stage and the half animal-human met on the way.

chuan 1     chuan2

Rounds of Roulette will determine the number of steps that you can go on at the map. At each step, you will have the opportunity to randomly meet either a challenge random or an unexpected gift, in each box that you stop. Collect more powerful items, use them and your ability to summon the higher Soma and at the same time have the material to train your Soma to upgrade to the next higher level.

Life is a journey, please jump head first!

Please download Spirior game at the following link: