SQUIRREL DRYING !!! The new mini game has just been released on the Appstore.

6 (1)Simple playing, cheerful design, and cute, are the interesting points that the Squirrel Drying game give to players, and to help you have really relaxing moments.

These adorable Squirrels are playing and bobbing up and down in the lake, and then run to your garden. Do you want to help them with sunbathing? Let’s touch on them, move and hang them on the same color of clothes line!

There are five Squirrel colors and five colors of clothes line.

Time played is only one minute, please have a quick hand and a quick eye to hang as many Squirrels as possible. A Squirrel hanging in the right place, you will be given one point. With two squirrels hanging immediately next to each other, you will get one combo, which means you receive plus one second in game time!

Let’s set the record with Squirrel Drying game!!!!!

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Squirrel Drying game is used with iOS (version 4.3 or higher).

Language: Japanese.

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