Squirrel hanging- Hot Japanese Game is now available in VN

51With simple game play, a gentle and cheerful design, and cute and especially highly entertaining. The game requires ingenuity and skilled eyes, and is suitable for all ages. Currently this Game is in the Top Game standing of the Japanese market.

How to play: You just hang Squirrels up on clotheslines.


There are 5 colors and 5 color clotheslines. You must select the color Squirrels that have the same color with the clotheslines.

Hanging 2 squirrels next to each other you will have a combo to add 1 second in your playing time.
Each turn time is 60 seconds,and after you finish your playingthe game will announce the number of squirrels that you hanged.
Let all your friends know about this game. The game also has an invite friends feature via Facebook, and is extremely interesting and tricky when you and your friend can compete together in the ranking list. Let’s make the record with the Squirrel hanging game!

Squirrel hanging game download link: