Super Soccer game

Have you ever indulged in the best soccer game like UEFA Champions League? Have you ever glued your eyes to each powerful shot of Tsubasa or Jindo? If so, you cannot miss this “Super Soccer” game.

 This football game was developed with the sponsor and investment of one of the major TV channels in Japan – TBS. Super Soccer has climbed to the Top 1 Free Sports Game category only two week  after being released.

With Super Soccer, you will become a real professional football coach because:

+ You will have a dream team with your own players, each possess superior football skills

+ You can witness with your own eyes the tense situation in football match with various amazing sound effects. You will feel  like being insie a real stadium.

+ Let team playing friendly match, rubbing with domestic and foreign football teams. With every winning match, you have the ability to capture one player from the opposing team and get skill cards to help increase players index, increasing the chances for the next match’s victory.

+ Leading team to participate in the league with knockout competition, rubbed directly with other users  team for upgrades chance.

+ Demonstrate your class with heated Cup struggles.

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Download the game and feel the heat with Super Soccer game at the following link: