Taxi Navi

taxiTaxi Navi – Quick call for Taxi in Vietnam

Taxi Navi is the abbreviation of 2 words: Taxi and Navigation.

Every day, there are about 500 – 600 downloads on iOS market and 300 downloads on Android’s market for this application.

By providing for FREE full data of over  500 reliable local taxi companies in all 64 big cities in Vietnam including FREQUENTLY-UPDATED fare, EXACT Route map, ON-THE-GO tracking, etc. , Passengers can easily call  cabs from everywhere in Vietnam!

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“Easy to use, useful for avoiding taxi scams”

With this application, you can:
– Easily searching and booking a taxi via call centers
– See regularly update unit price (for a short and long trip)
– Easy to track route and estimate journey cost
– Compare journey cost among taxi companies
– Record tracking history for a better spending management
– Add your favorite driver numbers and make a quick call whenever you need.

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Please download Taxinavi app at the following link:

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